An NFT Solution For Your Musical Catalog


Our mission is to provide and grow a platform that gives artists, musicians, and creators the most profit for their work. Through the avenue of NFTs, we create a space that allows artists the ability to release new albums, EPs, digital pieces of art, concert tickets and much more.

We openly give the creator of the work 90% profit on mint with a 5% royalty to both platform and creator with every sale. Our team plans to provide a steady stream of up and coming artists all across the world. We are here for the artist!



You can set the price of your work to be whatever you would like. We will never take more than our 5% Admin fee at any point in this whole process.

The Initial Sale is just the start. The real exciting news is the Creator Royalty that comes next.

The Record One Project = 5% Admin Fee
Distribution = 5% Processing Fee

Artist = 90% of Profit!

After your NFT is initially sold it takes on a life of its own. The new owner can now resell that NFT at whatever price they pick. Every time your song is resold, there is a creator fee of 10% that gets sent back to you. This means you'll be making money off of your song for transactions you weren't even a part of!

That's what we like to call passive income on your music career.

The Record One Project = 5% Admin Fee
Artist = 5% Royalty on All Transactions Forever


Meet The Team


Dallas Jack

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Dallas Jack is an experienced business owner and record producer in the music industry. He is currently developing several artists with his company Record One in Nashville, TN. He has also worked with a variety of well-known musical talents such as Sammy Hagar, Maren Morris, Keith Urban, Tanya Tucker, Sam Hunt, and many more. Dallas has played an integral role with branding, social media, and the management of several businesses of all sizes.

Ethan Feril

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NFT Owners Rights:

The owner of the NFT has the right to use the NFT how they see fit. However, the artist will retain all publishing and sound recording copyrights and royalties associated with the musical work apart from the NFT.


Our Recommendations:

Working with a group like The Record One Project will bring more attention to your NFT through our built-in audience. However, we would encourage you to self-promote to your own audience as this is the most valuable way of creating a return on investment for your NFT.


The average recommended price is $20 - $50. You are welcome to price your music at whatever price point you choose though the volume at which it is minted will likely be affected based on price. In the event that your NFT does not Mint within the 1 Month Distribution period, your payment will not be refunded as it goes toward the listing of the NFT. If you would like to re-list the NFT after this period there will be an additional $75 charge.


Once we receive the files, you will see an invoice come through for the $75 payment. Once that is completed we will begin the administrative work to create your NFT by the 15th of the following month unless you have otherwise indicated a release date.

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in touch soon!